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Client Information

A message regarding COVID-19 – The health and safety of our clients and Pack Members is our #1 priority. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the owner,  Julie Graham on, 302-480-3045 or, via email,

Dog Walking

Your dog’s health is our priority and regular exercise is a key component to a healthy lifestyle. Regular walks help keep the pounds off, which in turn eases the wear on their joints, provides numerous benefits to their cardiovascular system, and as a bonus helps prevent boredom which can lead to chewing and excessive barking. Additionally, if you are away from the home for a prolonged period during the day, a walk will also ensure your dog gets ample opportunity to go to the bathroom outside. 

Whether your dog is a highly energetic youngster, a more sedentary elder, or somewhere in-between, your Pack dog walker will tailor the pace appropriately. Fresh water will be provided along the way and at the end of each walk, along with any treats you authorize. Your dog walker will be happy to text you when they arrive, and when they depart text you a brief synopsis of their visit and photo. Alternatively, they can leave a brief written note. Walk length options are:

Standard: 30 minutes - $25.00

Deluxe:  40 minutes - $28.50

Premium: 60 minutes - $35.00

Note: Prices are for one dog, a second dog is an additional $5. Back to Services>


House Visits

House Visits offer a lot of flexibility to tailor services to the specific needs of your Pack Members. In addition to pet walking (we have walked cats, guinea pigs, and goats in addition to dogs in the past), you can select from options to include playtime, cuddle time, pooper scooping, cat litter tray cleaning, medication administration, feeding, freshening water bowls / bottles, collecting the mail, watering the plants, opening / closing blinds and turning lights on /off. 


Potty Break (Only available if local to a staff member): 20 minutes - $20

Standard: 30 minutes - $25.00

Deluxe: 40 minutes - $28.50

Premium: 60 minutes - $35.00

Customized - If you would like us to clean small animal cages, farm animal pens / stalls, chicken coops, or fish / reptile tanks, and /or do some light housework, we can customize a plan specifically to meet your needs. Price TBD.

Note: If dog walking makes up part of the visit, prices are for one dog, a second dog is an additional $5.  Back to Services>


Vacation Care Packages

While us humans often love the opportunity to get away to see and try something new, our pets may not. There is a reason why someone came up with the term creature comforts! Julie, the owner of this business has travelled all over the country and world, sometimes being separated from her beloved pets for months at a time while being deployed with the military. She understands what it takes to give you the peace of mind knowing that your ‘kids’ are being taken care of the way you would.

Here at The Pack Pet Services we appreciate that every pet is different and requires different levels of attention. So, we have a couple of Vacation Package options, or if neither of these meet your Packs specific needs, we will be happy to customize a package that does. 

Package 1 - $80: Three visits (Two Deluxe and one Standard) 

Package 2 - $100: Four visits (Two Deluxe and two Standard)

Package 3 - TBD: Customer Customized

Note 1: ‘Vacation Care Packages’ do not include a Pack Team Member staying at your home overnight, see ‘Overnight Care’ for that service.

Note 2: If service requires substantial travel a 'Travel Surcharge may be added to cover both travel time and fuel costs)  Back to Services>


Overnight Care

Some pets, especially those not of the dog kind, are happy to have human attention several times during the day but sleep alone at night. Others, more often dogs, like to have a human to snuggle up with, or at least check in with during the night. Whether it is sharing matching PJ’s and cuddles, or watching late night TV with snacks, we have Pack Team Members standing by to bring their sleeping bag and pillows to make sure your Pack Member sleeps safe and sound.

From $85 - $100

Farm Animal Care

If you have read the ‘About Us’ page, you know the owner of this business has recently realized a long-term dream of establishing a small Homestead. A question family and friends kept asking Julie was, what will you do when you want to go away, who will look after all the animals? Her answer was, I am sure we will find someone. Fast forward to Julie being the proud owner of triplet Nigerian Dwarf Goats and a growing flock of chickens, and the realization that there aren’t services locally that give people with farm animals the opportunity to take a break and get away. Can you relate?

Well good news, Julie and The Pack Pet Services team are here to help. We would love to talk to you about your animals and how we can help, so please call: 302-480-3045 or, email:

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Pack It Up Pet Taxi

Do you ever find yourself trying to juggle work and family responsibilities while finding time to take your pet to the vet or groomer? Well juggle no more! The Pack It Up Pet Taxi is here to provide door-to-door service in a safe and comfortable environment, complete with fresh water and treats.

One Way: $20 (up to 10 miles, then 50 cents a mile after)

Round Trip and up to 10 minutes waiting time: $30 (up to 20 miles round trip, then 50 cents a mile after)

Additional Waiting Time: 

  • 11 to 30 minutes: $25

  • 31-45 minutes: $35

  • 46-60 minutes: $45


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Travel Time Surcharge

Whether you live here fulltime or are just visiting beautiful coastal Delaware and Sussex County you know distance and summer tourist traffic can significantly add to the time it takes to travel from point A to B. We will always strive to match Pack Team Members with Pack Clients based on qualifications, experience, and location. However, if we need to meet a Client Service request with a Team Member from outside the local area, we may have to offer that service with a ‘Travel Time Surcharge’. This surcharge will be discussed with the client before confirmation of the service in question. Back to Services>


Holiday Surcharge and Deposit Requirements

All services booked on Holidays incur a 25% surcharge and require a 50% deposit. This deposit is non-refundable if the service is cancelled within 14 calendar days of the scheduled date. The Pack Pet Service recognizes the following as Holidays:

  • Thanksgiving Day 

  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 

  • New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

  • Memorial Day

  • July 4th

  • Labor Day

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Employment Opportunities

We are continuing to expand services across Sussex County and potentially into Maryland. If you are interested in joining The Pack Pet Services as an Independent Contractor team member we would love to hear from you! Please Contact Us and mention your interest. Julie will be in touch with you shortly to discuss the detail. Back to Services>

Dog Walking
House Visits
Vacation Care
Farm Animal
Pack it Up Taxi
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