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doodle puppy

Dog Walking

Your dog’s health is our priority and regular exercise is a key component to a healthy lifestyle. If you are away from the home for a prolonged period during the day, a walk will also ensure your dog gets ample opportunity to go to the bathroom outside.

Standard | 30 min.| $25.00
Deluxe | 40 min. | $28.50
Premium | 60 min. | $35.00

Cat Sleeping

Overnight Care

Whether it is sharing matching PJ’s and cuddles, or watching late night TV with snacks, we have Pack Team Members standing by to bring their sleeping bag and pillows to make sure your Pack Member sleeps safe and sound.

In Your* Home, from $85 -$100 a night

dog with sunglasses

Vacation Care

Here at The Pack Pet Services we appreciate that every pet is different and requires different levels of attention. So, we have a couple of Vacation Package options, or if neither of these meet your Packs specific needs, we will be happy to customize a package that does.

Package 1 | 3 House Visits             (2 Deluxe and 1 Standard) | $80
Package 2 | 4 House Visits             (2 Deluxe and 2 Standard)| $100
Package 3 | Clients Custom | TBD

Basset Hound

House Visits

House Visits offer a lot of flexibility to tailor services to the specific needs of your Pack Members. In addition to pet walking, you can select from our various options.

Potty Break | 20 min.| $20.00
Standard | 30 min.| $25.00
Deluxe | 40 min. | $28.50
Premium | 60 min. | $35.00
Custom | As Needed | TBD


Farm Animal Care

If you are a homesteader, you may have realized already that there aren’t services locally that give people with farm animals the opportunity to take a break and get away. Well, good news, Julie and The Pack Pet Services team are here to help!

Golden Retriever

Pack It Up Pet Taxi

The Pack It Up Pet Taxi is here to provide door-to-door service to your pet's appointments, in a safe and comfortable environment, complete with fresh water and treats.

One Way | up to 10 miles* | $25
Round Trip | 20 miles* | $35
Wait Time 1 | 11 to 30 min. | $20
Wait Time 2  | 31-45 min. | $25
Wait Time 3 | 46-60 min. | $35

*50 cents a mile after

Cat and Dog


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